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Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance

Salter Buildings Residents Company carries insurance for the buildings and grounds of the Mill Pond Close estate. The insurance  premiums are paid for out of the service change.


All flat owners are responsible for making their own insurance claims through the contact details set out below.

We would advise that damage to any one flat is an individual claim so, for example where there is a leak with water damage coming through a ceiling then a claim can be made to trace the leak, repair the leak and make good.  A separate claim will be needed for any repair or redecoration to the flat below.  It is up to individual owners to liaise and agree who is responsible for the damage and how the repairs are to be paid for.  This is outside the remit of the SBRC.


One issue that has arisen on a number of occasions is water damage through leaks and we have set out below the SBRC position on this matter.

Position regarding water damage:

Pipes that serve the block as a whole are service charge responsibility rather than the individual flat, but that pipes that are internal and/or serve the flat only, are the flat owner’s responsibility. So, a water pipe that serves the communal areas is the responsibility of SBRC but a water pipe that serves a pipe is the responsibility of the flat owner whether it is inside or outside the flat.


Please note that claims are subject to an excess of £1,000. 

Contents Insurance

 It is up to flat owners to arrange their own contents insurance.

Contact Details:

Gary Tommy or Emma Ambler

Commercial Department 

Brownhill Morris & West Limited

2nd Floor, Kent House,

41 East Street



BR1 1QQ 

( Phone              0208 353 8903

4  Fax                  0208 650 5065

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