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Other Charges

Schedule of charges from 25th June 2015 (no increase from 03/06/10)

Buying and selling
  • Leasehold Transfer Correspondence -  £85 each
  • Share Certificate Transfer -   £85
  • Duplicate Share certificate -  £35

Service Charge
  • Late Payment Letters & Statements -  £50 each
    Individual late payment charges may also include all fees, charges and expenses incurred or payable to any solicitor, accountant or any other agent employed or instructed in connection with debt recovery.
  • Security Gate Telephone Number Change -  £30 (to cover cost charged to SBRC by Telguard)
  • Security Gate Remote Control -  £35 (to cover purchase and programming costs)

The board of directors are given discretionary powers to vary any of its administration charges to reflect changes in inflation and administrative costs.