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Enhancement Programme

posted 27 Nov 2012, 18:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 15 Oct 2013, 15:27 ]

Stockwell area Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme consultation

Lambeth Council are looking to make improvements in our area and are running a consultation which ends on the 6th December 2012. Please take time to look at the map of proposed enhancements and complete the on-line questionnaire HERE

SBRC have sent in a response which argues for; 

  • Supporting the re-alignment of traffic flows in Wyvil Road which is a dangerous cut through and the opening up of Miles Street which makes sense although we think that traffic should only be allowed to turn left into the Wandsworth Road to avoid congestion. 
  • The key to enhancing these streets is to improve the entrance and exit points – Fount Street and Cowthorpe Road. Fount Street is dark, barren and forbidding. It is a crime spot that then opens up onto a poor entrance into the Hunter House forecourt. The Council should improve the street lighting here, street green the whole road and replace the missing trees together with the addition of new trees were appropriate. The entrance to the forecourt of Hunter House should also be street greened and enhanced rather than simply putting unsightly and smelly bins here. It is important to think about the visual appeal of the area in order to achieve enhancements. Rubbish bins should have bin sheds which disguise them. 
  • Cowthorpe Road should have street greening and replacement trees as the exit point from the area. This road is too tight to house additional cycle sheds as they will attach vandalism and provide spaces for individuals to hide behind, in wait to commit street crimes which are already rife in this area. 
  • The footpaths of Thorparch Road should be mended as large trees have raised the paving stones making the paths difficult to walk along. Many people simply walk in the road as this is safer but it is not right.
  • Welcome the area becoming 20mph although we thought it already was due to the play street signs in the area – maybe these should now be removed as they clutter the street scene? – but we do not welcome the proposed humps and lozenges as we do not think there is a speeding problem in the area. We think that the measures are wrongly positioned on the corners where cars are travelling at their slowest and have not had time to build up speed and we think that the humps that border our site in Crimsworth Road will be noisy. We also do not think that humps and lozenges work, rather we would prefer to see extended pavements running down Thorparch Road which are much more visually appealing and we understand are also effective in slowing traffic. 
  • Replacement of missing and dead trees in the area, especially in Fount Street before new trees are planted – fill in the gaps – to improve the street scene.