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Mill Pond Close CCTV system

The CCTV system covers the perimeter fence, parking areas and the west block foyer.

All camera outputs are continuously recorded for around two weeks. If an incident occurs please contact us with date, location and approximate times so that we can create a copy if the event. 

CCTV recordings are covered by the Data Protection Act (1994). SBRC will generally only hand over recordings directly to the Police although you can view the recordings before we hand them over. 

A selection of live outputs from the Mill Pond Close CCTV system is available to view on your TV through the TV distribution network within the buildings.

You will need to ensure you connect your TV to the terrestrial TV distribution point in your flat and scan or set up a channel on your analogue tuner to UHF Channel 42.

The camera selection includes the gate, which means that you are able to view your visitors before you let them in.