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Each flat in Mill Pond Close has both under-floor and ceiling heating installed
 The under-floor (ESWA) heating works as a storage heater, charging up at night using off-peak (economy) rate electricity and releasing heat during the day. There is also separate under-floor heating in the bathrooms which is runs off the normal electricity supply. The Ceiling Heating is a top-up system that is thermostatically and timer controlled. This also runs off the normal electricity supply Both the under-floor and ceiling heating are split into two zones. One is the living, kitchen and hall area, the other is the bedrooms.

Under-Floor heating (ESWA)
The under-floor heating controls are located in the same cupboard as the main circuit board. The main temperature control is labelled “ESWA storage heating control” it is a box with one control knob which can be turned from “min” to “max”.

Outdoor sensor

Main Temperature Control   

There is a sensor outside your flat which controls how long the heating comes on for in conjunction with the heating control 
 i.e. if the temperature outside is warm and the control is set to “min”, the heating will only switch on for only a few minutes per hour at night. If it is particularly warm the heating may not come on at all. There is no timer for the under-floor heating. It may look like it is connected to the timer control next to it…but it’s not.

Ceiling Heating
The ceiling heating timer is located in the same cupboard as the main circuit board. The duel timer controls the ceiling heating in the two zones in conjunction with the thermostat located in each of the rooms next to the light switches. Set both the timer and the temperature control to operate the system. 
Timer                                                                                                            Room Thermostat 
Ceiling Timer
Ceiling Termo

Bathroom under-floor heating
This is operated by independent thermostat controls located near each of the bathrooms. There are no timers attached to the controls so they need to be manually switched on and off.

Electricity Supply
The isolation switches for the under-floor heating zones are located in the off- peak section (usually bottom right) of the main circuit board along with the isolation switches for the heating controller and off-peak water immersion heater The off peak electricity supply operates between 00:30 and 06:30 GMT 

The heating installation may vary between flats and might have been changed or upgraded since installation. 

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